UPDATED: Kyoko CCAL Testnet Reward Announcement

5 min readNov 21, 2022

Hi Kyokoans, the team has been discussing all of your wonderful suggestions regarding CCAL testnet reward distribution. In this announcement, we’ll discuss our updated plan for rewarding each and every one of you amazing early testers and adopters.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Before claiming CCAL testnet rewards, we’ll require each tester to verify themselves on our community management platform at: kyoko.crew3.xyz.
  • Testers will be required to connect their Discord, Twitter, and test wallet address. We anticipate this verification system to filter out the majority of bots that gamed our testnet event.
  • Verified testers will be rewarded in $KYOKO tokens and Crew3 XP.
  • We do not know the total number of users that will become verified and cannot guarantee how many $KYOKO tokens each user will be rewarded at this time. Therefore, the 300,000 $KYOKO token pool will be split evenly across ALL verified users at the end of the claim period. Each user will be rewarded 500 one-time Crew3 XP.
  • The claim period will take place from November 21 20:00 UTC+8 through November 28 20:00 UTC+8.
  • 48 hours after the claiming period closes, token rewards will be claimable at: airdrop.kyoko.finance.

The Challenge: We Got Sybilled…

For all of you living under a rock, the community has been debating the best way to distribute CCAL testnet rewards for a few weeks now.

After subtracting for bug bounties, we’d originally concluded our CCAL testnet event with a whopping 16,421 users — this huge number of users would have meant that each tester would only be awarded between 15–40 $KYOKO tokens. Given that this is crypto, we expect that we got Cybil attacked and that there are likely thousands of bots inflating this number and reducing the total token rewards for our REAL early adopters and testers.

So, we released an official community discussion and put it to a vote. Long story short, the community was divided. Some thought we should distribute the 15–40 tokens and move on. Others thought we should publicly release the list of test wallets and let the community identify suspected bot wallets. Others yet chose not to vote and wanted a different solution.

The Solution: Trio Verification

Kyokoans, with your help, we think we may have cracked the code.

Before claiming your testnet rewards, we’ll require you to first verify your Discord ID, Twitter, and test wallet address on Kyoko’s community management platform. Finally, you’ll need to submit the TXID URL to a testnet transaction from your connected wallet.

While this may take a few moments of extra effort to connect your accounts to Crew3 (if you haven’t already), we anticipate this to be extremely effective in countering bots and dramatically reducing the total amount of testnet scammers. This means extra token rewards for community members like you who are actively invested in Kyoko’s’ success. We will also grant delicious Crew3 XP for all of you who successfully verify.

Because we cannot be sure how many bots will be eliminated through this verification system, we’re unable to announce exactly how many $KYOKO tokens each verified tester will be rewarded. However, we committed a whopping 300k $KYOKO tokens as rewards and we’re sticking to it. Whether only 1 user verifies, or all original 16,421 users verify, the 300k token pool will be evenly distributed across all verified testers. Of course, the fewer users that verify, the more rewards each verified tester will receive.

Verification will open on November 21 20:00 UTC+8 and continue through November 28 20:00 UTC+8.

How to Verify?

Verify Participation

Step 1: Navigate to kyoko.crew3.xyz. You’ll be asked to connect your Discord account. You should also connect your CCAL testnet wallet address at this point.

IMPORTANT: If you’ve previously connected a different wallet to your Crew3 account, you must reconnect the wallet you used for the CCAL testnet event BEFORE submitting this Quest. Once you’ve changed your wallet address, do NOT change it back until the Kyoko team has approved your submission.*

Step 2: Follow the prompts to complete the following Quests: Join Discord; Follow Twitter. Both of these Quests are in the ‘#GET STARTED’ section.

Step 3: Navigate to the ‘#VERIFY’ section and open the Quest named ‘🎯 Verify CCAL Testnet Participation.’

Step 4: Navigate to etherscan.io or bscscan.com and copy the TXID URL of one of the CCAL testnet transactions from the testnet wallet you connected to Crew3 in Step 1. Paste the URL in the Quest.

Step 5: Press ‘Claim Reward.’ A Kyoko community manager will review the submitted information and approve or reject the Quest within 24 hours.

How to Claim Airdrop?

Once your Quest submission is approved and your CCAL testnet participation has been confirmed, you’ll automatically be awarded 500 Crew3 XP and be eligible for airdrop rewards. Rewards will be claimable for verified CCAL testnet wallets at airdrop.kyoko.finance starting from 48 hours after the verification window closes.

Thank you again to each and every one of you superstar testers. You gave us countless suggestions and caught key bugs. We’re so fortunate to have each of you rockstars in our community and appreciate your continued trust and support. We can’t wait to continue building Kyoko’s future together.

Well, that’s it for now, Kyokoans! Remember to verify yourself ASAP and claim your CCAL testnet rewards on your way out!

About Kyoko

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