Update: How To Claim Your Kyoko Pawn Rewards

3 min readFeb 27, 2023


Pawn holders, we appreciate you. You’ve supported us over the past year and your benefits are nearly here! Read on to learn how and when to claim your rewards.

But first, a recap on Kyoko Pawns…

About Kyoko Pawns

The Kyoko Pawn series is a collection of 1000 unique NFTs available for the Kyoko community. They allow investors to safely share in the long-term growth of Kyoko while enjoying exclusive airdrops from projects with the highest growth potential in the Web3 industry.

There are two tranches of Kyoko Pawns:

  • Early investors & advisors: 367. These were NOT redeemable and did NOT have a claim on the pool of 2 million $KYOKO tokens.
  • Public sale: 633. These were open to anyone and did not require a whitelist spot to purchase.

As a reminder, the benefits of holding publicly-sold pawns until maturity are:

  • Redeemable for 20,000 USDT one year after mint.
  • Equal split of 2 million $KYOKO token pool between all current Pawn holders.

Kyoko Pawns are also freely saleable on the secondary market. Only the wallets that are currently holding eligible Kyoko Pawns at the time of the snapshot will receive rewards.

Kyoko Pawns were originally intended to be re-sold every year and the sale proceeds were to fund Kyoko’s DAO-to-DAO LP. However, because Kyoko recently paused its DAO-to-DAO lending services due to market turbulence, we will also be pausing the Kyoko Pawn Loan-To-Earn program until our DAO-to-DAO lending comes back online.

  • To learn more about Kyoko Pawns, read our article here.
  • The Kyoko Pawn collection can be viewed here: Opensea.
  • The Kyoko Pawn purchase page is here: Kyoko Pawn.
  • Eligible Kyoko Pawns are listed here: Public Sale.

Who Is Eligible for Pawn Rewards?

As mentioned, Pawns are freely transferable/saleable on the secondary market. However, only the wallets that are currently holding eligible Kyoko Pawns at the time of the snapshot will receive rewards.

The Kyoko team will take a snapshot of ALL eligible Pawn holder addresses at 2023.3.17 12:00:00 GMT. All wallets that hold eligible Pawns at the time of snapshot will be eligible to claim their Pawn Rewards.

How to Claim Pawn Rewards?

Since Pawns are freely transferable/saleable on the secondary market, we need to verify each Pawn’s token ID and current holder and confirm it with the snapshot taken above.

We set up an official webpage to do this. First, navigate to https://pawn-redeem.kyoko.finance/ and connect your wallet via the modal popup. Once your wallet is connected, the page will automatically determine whether an eligible Pawn is held within the wallet. All eligible Pawn holders will see their 20k USDT repayment and share of $KYOKO token rewards available to claim on this page.

Simple, right?

Should you have any questions, please reach out to a community manager in the official Kyoko Discord or send us an email at partnerships@kyoko.finance.

About Kyoko

Kyoko addresses the most challenging issues in Web3. Kyoko’s cross-chain asset lending platform solves the persistent issues limiting the GameFi market, including the rising cost of entry and siloed in-game assets across different blockchains. Kyoko’s P2P NFT lending platform expands inclusivity and access to liquidity for NFT projects and holders through its decentralized fixed-rate NFT lending protocol. The $KYOKO token launched in April 2022.

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