Kyoko Funds Are Safu Amid SVB Meltdown

1 min readMar 13, 2023

In light of recent events in the crypto industry, we’ve received a few questions from the community about the state of Kyoko’s finances and whether we’ve been exposed to the SVB liquidation event.

We’ve been unaffected by the event. Our reserves are 100% safe and in our control. From Luna, Celsius, FTX, and now SVB, our priority has always been to ensure that our project and platform funds are — and always will be — 100% diversified and secure. This is our commitment to you and it’s our commitment to Kyoko’s future.

Stay safu out there, Kyokoans. You are going to make it. WE are going to make it.

About Kyoko

Kyoko addresses the most challenging issues in Web3. Kyoko’s cross-chain asset lending platform solves the persistent issues limiting the GameFi market, including the rising cost of entry and siloed in-game assets across different blockchains. Kyoko’s P2P NFT lending platform expands inclusivity and access to liquidity for NFT projects and holders through its decentralized fixed-rate NFT lending protocol. The $KYOKO token launched in April 2022.

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