Kyoko Airdrop Pt. 2: Get Yours on July 12

Kyoko Airdrop Schedule

Kyokoans, we have some exciting news for you. Airdrops pt. 2 are coming soon to a Kyoko near you!

Our second round of airdrops will be released on July 12 at 12:00 UTC. Prior to this, the $KYOKO tokens that were purchased in our IVO on Solv and IDOs on Moonedge and Bitget were available to claim on July 9.

For everyone who has not yet claimed their IVO- and IDO-related tokens, the exchanges you purchased on should have specific details regarding the claim process. For Kyoko community members collecting their airdrops, instructions will be provided below.

At a glance

  • Airdrop quantities per wallet address can be found here.
  • Navigate to on each vesting date to claim your tokens.
  • Previously vested $KYOKO airdrop tokens can be collected retroactively. Users that have not claimed their airdrop pt. 1 tokens can still do so.
  • Reach out to a Kyoko team member in the Kyoko Discord with any questions.

Kyoko’s Airdrop Pt. 2 Is Nearly Here

Kyokoans, our airdrop pt. 2 is landing tomorrow July 12 at 12:00 UTC. The first round of airdropped tokens vested on April 12, and the last round will be released on October 12, 2022.

Who is eligible for airdrops?

Nearly everyone that was eligible for the airdrop pt. 1 is eligible for the second vesting date. Recently, we put a community vote together for 250+ wallet addresses that had been scamming the Kyoko airdrop and whether these wallet addresses should still be eligible for the next two airdrops or not.

  • The community vote was unanimous at 100% : 0%
  • Nearly 900k votes were cast in favor of suspending these wallets

These wallets will hereby be removed from future airdrops — beginning with the airdrop pt. 2.

To be clear: ONLY the wallet addresses that were part of this scheme will be blacklisted from future airdrop payments. All other users and wallets will be unaffected. These tokens will be reappropriated as rewards for our upcoming cross-chain asset lending platform testnet event. Event details will be released over the next 24–48 hours.

Not on the whitelist but still want to get in on the Kyoko action? Check out $KYOKO on Uniswap.

How to collect airdrops?

We’ve made collecting your airdrops as easy as possible. We’ve released a specific page on our official website that will allow you to claim your airdrop in just a couple clicks.

On each vesting date, recipients can navigate to to claim their airdrops. This page will remain open 24/7; however, a specific button will open up on the date of each specific vesting event to claim your $KYOKO airdrop tokens.

Once you bind your wallet, select the correct vesting date, and press ‘claim,’ voilà! Accept the prompt to initiate the transaction and you’ll be sailing straight to the skies with your new $KYOKO tokens.

$KYOKO tokens from previous airdrops will be collectable retroactively; however, future airdrop sums will only be collectable following the specific vesting date.

As always, be careful of anyone who claims to be a Kyoko admin requesting information from you. Always confirm any suspicious messages with Kyoko admins in our official groups, listed below.

I’ve collected my airdrop. What next?

We encourage everyone to stake their $KYOKO tokens and take advantage of the high APY in the $KYOKO LP. Confirm your staked tokens in the Kyoko Discord and win bonus tokens in events exclusive to $KYOKO Family Members as a @Kyoko Family (Staked) to boost your returns. However, due to poor market conditions, we also expect a portion of these claimed tokens to be routed to Uniswap for instant liquidity — so please keep this in mind as you’re making your decision. This may be a strong opportunity to pick up $KYOKO tokens at a discount.

That’s it for now, Kyokoans. As always, reach out to a community manager or team member in the Kyoko Discord with any questions or feedback!

About Kyoko

Kyoko is a DAO-to-DAO credit provider and cross-chain GameFi NFT lending market for guilds and players. Kyoko’s DAO-to-DAO lending offers liquidity to promote Web3 development, while its guild-to-guild lending, P2P NFT lending, and cross-chain asset lending platforms aim to solve the most pressing issues challenging the GameFi market, including the rising cost of entry and siloed in-game assets across different blockchains. Kyoko’s metaverse will also allow Guilds to display their history, progress, and other accomplishments, while players can connect with others in a world that can be built in, developed, and sold off.

Follow Kyoko at the links below to stay up to date on upcoming events, releases, and news.

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